A Poem In Vain!

Listening to Women’s gossip
Sitting against a bench
With a row of date trees in front of me
and roses at my back
A thought occurred and I reflected
Am I in paradise?

But fragrance of roses can be sold
And dates that date-trees cannot hold
Is same as the soul purchased
From the poverty-stricken home
What to do with such a world?
In which you can’t keep the things you own

Roses upon roses in the brothel
Chuckles, laughter and beer
Cannot hide the pain, sighs and tears
I would give her Wings if I could
So that she flies away through her cries
But I saw her shackled, hard and tight
In a few, mere, paper piles

Her life would be beautiful and free
If only YOU listened to her plea
I call upon you with my life
Head, gaze lowered and tears in my eyes
Do something or let me try
If I failed let me die
If I failed let me die….crying-eyes

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When I saw her for the first time
It was not love at first sight
May be because my heart was blind
To see the love that she offered

Days passed and  we became familiar
Not friends, mere acquaintances
I worked and she always paid back
More than I deserved, forever

Years went by and I developed
A ‘high intelligence’ and a sound physique
Food, shelter and life
Everything was her giving

I wronged myself and paid no heed
My heart got filled with tons of greed
Things started to change
Slowly and gradually

What seemed deep at start
Looked very shallow
What used to me much
Was not just enough

I got furious
And used my powers
To conquer her
Just to get more

In return of her favours
I could only give
Nothing of much importance but
Bloodshed, war and filth

Her generosity remained the same
I got everything I needed
But I didn’t know then
That she was getting incapacitated

Nothing could stop me
I never looked back
Those days of serenity
And wide green lands

She didn’t get along with my pace
I WANTED more from her
And she couldn’t provide it
“I know how to get things done”

I SOLD her beauty
And made my living
Without even knowing
That she was dying

What to care about when I am alright?
Tables turned and I got shocked
All my aspirations crushed to the ground
Killing her was actually my suicide

I destroyed myself while destroying her
Of great fault were my doings
I admit I was wrong but is it too late?
To confess and to apologise

Listen to me Mother-Nature
Please listen to me………




Embrace the Pain, let me go
Wipe your tears
Don’t let them appear
On this face full of life
That even death cherishes
Agony and delight go hand in hand
My love, darkness and hope
Are always there for you
Never will leave

Soon you’ll see me
As a distant shadow
Casting a shadow
On your soul

My demons are free now
They are no longer caged
It’s time for us both to run
In separate directions but
our paths will cross

You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours
In another World
In another Heart break
Embrace the Pain, let me go

Mental Mortem

Whenever I remember you it always rains
 Melancholy strikes with unparalleled pain
Your memories are still here
Vivid and unchanged
The source of my life
Incentive for my death
Kept inside a hollow, dejected heart
With a glimpse of hope along with dispair

Tears are not at liberty to come out of eyes
Neither is sadness allowed to turn up on my face
What did more good?
Your advent or egress
I always get lost in this secret maize
After all what good is a heart that had been slain?


Though you went away but this stain will remain
You’ll always be in front of me in shapeless frames
Whenever I remember you it always rains…..


I saw myself through someone’s eyes
Dark circles, heavy breathing, fainting sighs
I look in a mirror and what I see
A cute little boy and a haunted tree

The boy looked sad and so did his fellow
With stiff, dry branches without any leaves
The land was beautiful, lush and green
But the souls were deserted in this scene


A rope, branch and a noose
Was this the time for a dream to come true?
What I saw next was out of the blue
A dancing rope, a treesinging boy and a cheering tree


The song being played was “If I should die tonight”
An inner voice cried ” You have every right”
Alarm clock struck and I opened my eyes
Dark circles, heavy breathing, fainting sighs

Sufism: A way out.

In the modern world, it is not surprising to find a vast majority of people in a constant state of dejection and meaninglessness despite having the best resources for a happy life. As the individual does not find any resolute meaning or purpose to his life, he’s continually haunted by the agony. Fortunately, this feeling of emptiness is not new and has been there since the beginning of cogent thought. People living in different periods of time coped with this affliction in different ways. Some found solace in Religion while others believed in the absolution of their free will. As both of these choices are antithesis to each other, there has to be some other way out. Consequently, the concept of mysticism came into being, which, in essence, is the amalgam of the beautiful teachings of religion and liberating virtue of the human soul.

Sufism has a distinguished name in prominent ideas involved in alleviating the human soul from its sufferings. Although, the concept of Sufism is quite old it is still admired and followed by millions. Courtesy of its flexible and versatile teachings, Sufism made its way beyond the boundaries of religion. Originating from the religion of Islam, the message of Sufism is cherished by millions of people of other faiths as well.

Sufism plays a vital role in the process of self realization. Promotion of tolerance and acceptance of other human beings just the way they are is the actual aim of this noble pursuit. The followers of Sufism, Sufis, challenged the wrong concept of falsely practiced radical teachings of religion. They acknowledged the out casted people; sinners, drunks, adulterers etc. as humans who have been wronged but still deserve a place in the society. Sufis believed that no one is intrinsically bad at  heart; it is circumstances and ignorance that makes one commit deeds that result in one’s downfall. For centuries, Sufis have been criticized for their compassionate approach towards the sinners but they never gave up and continued to enlighten as many souls as they could. A quote by a world famous Sufi poet, Roomi, gives us some insight:

“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there”




Roomi also, before his enlightenment by his friend and teacher Shams Tabrizi was a radical and fundamentalist religious scholar. But Shams made him enter taverns and brothels and let him see the life there. Roomi, who hesitated at first, could not help from studying the lives of the people he avoided all his life. His eyes were opened to the ‘Ultimate truth’. He endorsed the fact that “God lives within man”.

Patience has been much emphasized in Sufism. In the modern world of instant gratification ‘patience’ is what is missing. People have become impatient and they do not tolerate and accept one another and that is why so much trouble and misery is there. We ought to accept other human beings just as they are. We do not need to judge them just because they sin differently than ourselves. We need to embrace the pain just like Roomi did when his teacher and friend Shams was killed. We need to seek, as John Green says ‘A greater perhaps’. A purpose that is larger than life, which makes us aware of our amazing potential and abilities.

What to seek? Roomi has the answer!


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”



Self realization and self control, if practiced, can make this world a free and beautiful place. Tolerance, Respect and Love are the qualities without which life will be violent and all will be lost. Let us all try our best to practice the positive teachings of Sufism and preach tolerance and love. Let us embark on a journey towards making life on this planet a wonderful sojourn. And let us never forget that we are all drops of the same stream.





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